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Professional Membership Groups


The Professional Membership Groups of SCHA offer dedicated professionals a way to achieve common goals, develop management skills and expertise, and the opportunity for affiliation in organizations that represent their chosen professions.


• Educational programs and other activities to enhance career development
• Communication tool for the dissemination of information on current topics relevant to members
• A forum on healthcare issues for discussing the impact of these issues on hospitals and medical staffs
• Increase participation and networking among colleagues across the state

How To Join or Renew

Anyone affiliated with an institutional member is eligible to join a Professional Membership Group.

To join or renew your membership, please complete the online application or print out and mail a paper application with payment to:

South Carolina Hospital Association
Attn: Kim Wooten, PMG
2000 Center Point Road, Suite 2375, Columbia, SC 29210

Membership Fee

$80 per year

*SCONL is $85 per year