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SCHA Foundation

The SCHA Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit 501(C)(3) organization that supports the mission of SCHA by fostering and accelerating the collective impact of hospitals, health systems and other partners to create a better state of health for South Carolina.

Established by SCHA in 1964 to generate private and grant support for SCHA initiatives, the Foundation has attracted millions of dollars to fund strategic initiatives, research, educational programs and statewide partnerships to improve health since its inception. Formerly known as the S.C. Research and Education Foundation, the SCHA Foundation was renamed in 2019 to clearly define its purpose of supporting SCHA, reflect its expanding scope of programming and recognize the contributions of non-hospital partners.

The SCHA Foundation’s purpose is to:

  • Seek, manage and steward resources for research, educational programs and strategic initiatives that drive health improvement in South Carolina;
  • Facilitate collaboration among SCHA, hospitals and partners to improve healthcare, advance performance and promote innovative solutions;
  • Disseminate results of grant-funded initiatives to accelerate their adoption;
  • Provide seed funding and technical assistance to help small or inexperienced grant-seekers be more successful in competing for resources;
  • Help increase the value SCHA to its members by generating non-dues funding to support strategic health initiatives.

For more information about the Foundation, contact Melanie Matney at

A PDF version of the 2019 Annual Report is available here.