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April 15, 2020

Letter to the Editor: How You Can Support Our Healthcare Heroes

Every day, we see countless acts of appreciation for healthcare workers: free meals, discounts on gas, social media posts and storefront banners as people find ways to say “thank-you.” But there is more we can all do to support our frontline healthcare workers in this unprecedented crisis.

First, help build the inventory of critical supplies. Hospitals are facing shortages and disruptions in their supply chains at a time of rising demand. SCHA launched a new online tool with the S.C. Manufacturing Extension Partnership, SCBIO and the S.C. Department of Commerce dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing these much-needed medical supplies. Visit the SC COVID-19 Emergency Supply Collaborative to learn how to participate.

Second, donate to fundraising partnerships announced recently. Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey launched “22 and You” to support hospital staff in North and South Carolina, according to the NFL star who wears the number 22. Southern Tide, the Greenville-based premier apparel brand, unveiled a Healthcare Heroes collection, with 100 percent of proceeds currently going to healthcare workers. Items are available on You can check your local hospital’s website for information about how to make direct contributions.

Third, contact your elected officials to encourage continued support for grant, federal and state resources to support hospitals and their staff. We’re grateful for the support of Governor McMaster, state legislators and our congressional delegation.

Finally, we can heed expert advice to flatten the curve. Stay home if you can. Wear gloves to protect yourself and masks to protect others. Practice good hygiene and social distancing. Our healthcare heroes are going to work for us. Let’s stay home for them.

As I ponder the situation we face today, I am reminded of the words of Winston Churchill: “We shall not falter or fail; we shall not weaken or tire. . . .Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.”

Thornton Kirby
President & CEO, SCHA