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April 14, 2020

SC Emergency Supply Collaborative Connects Hospitals to Critical Medical Supplies

The South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) is partnering with the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP), SCBIO, and the SC Department of Commerce to launch the South Carolina Emergency Supply Collaborative in support of the state’s healthcare community. The collaborative will provide a web portal that connects healthcare providers to industry and community partners with the ability to quickly produce, source, test, certify or contribute critical medical supplies such as face shields, gowns, ventilators and masks.

The portal is located at and provides a central repository of manufacturers that can adapt their production lines, suppliers and distributors with access to ready-made supplies, and organizations prepared to donate supplies or personal protective equipment (PPE) for the state’s healthcare community.

“This is a joint effort to recruit community partners with the ability to quickly source or provide needed medical supplies to support South Carolina’s COVID-19 response,” said Thornton Kirby, President and CEO of the SC Hospital Association. “South Carolina’s COVID-19 Emergency Supply website will save valuable time and effort in connecting those in need of goods with those who have them… at a time where every minute counts in saving lives and defeating this formidable virus.”

A team established by the collaborative quickly vets each opportunity to connect organizations so that healthcare providers can quickly access the supplies and materials they need for patients and frontline medical workers.

“Each of our respective organizations has strong and indelible positions as sources of information, connection and aid to our respective constituencies, so it was logical for those parties – whether hospitals or manufacturers, existing industry or life sciences organizations – to turn to us in time of need,” said SCMEP President Chuck Spangler. “After sharing among ourselves the flood of requests we were individually receiving and trying to manage, we determined that a combined approach would offer greatest value and efficiency for our state and its citizens, and the creation of the South Carolina COVID-19 Emergency Supply portal was quickly underway.”

The website will be updated regularly with new information and opportunities to support South Carolina’s emergency response efforts. This statewide collaborative will serve as a resource to the state’s healthcare providers in their continued response to COVID-19.

“We are all in this together, and I am proud of the South Carolina business community’s continued response to serve our state during this unprecedented time,” said S.C. Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt. “The COVID-19 Emergency Supply Collaborative’s ability to connect manufacturers, suppliers and other organizations with the front-line medical personnel who need these critical items will serve as a valuable resource.”

According to SCBIO CEO Sam Konduros, organizations and individuals can go online 24/7 to identify critical need items or to note what products they can provide. “We encourage every member of industry, if you have a product that is needed and which you can provide, produce, test, certify or donate, let us know that right now by completing the simple form on the site. And for organizations in need of such items, let us know that right away so that we can get connect you with parties who can help right now.”