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Press Release

Working Well Outperforms National Benchmarks

May 5, 2020

In 2019, the Workplace Health in America Survey 2017 data was released which provided a snapshot of workplace health promotion practices among worksites in the United States. The survey sample included nearly 3,000 worksites across the nation with ten or more employees. This was the most comprehensive survey in decades to look at workplace wellbeing across the country, with representation from a wide variety of business sizes and sectors. We were pleased to find that organizations engaged in Working Well, SCHA’s workplace wellbeing initiative, outperformed national benchmarks in many areas including policies, environmental support, and benefits to foster employee wellbeing.


Environmental Support


Working Well is a proven, strategic solution for employers to create thriving workplaces that optimize employee wellbeing and professional fulfillment to enhance organizational performance. Since 2010, we’ve worked with over 240 worksites of all sizes and sectors, impacting over 200,000 employee lives in SC. Our interactive Strategy for Wellbeing online platform helps employers assess and implement best practices for effective workplace wellbeing initiatives. It includes an evidence-based organizational assessment with immediate results, real-time recommendations, and on-demand resources. Working Well also provides one-on-one organizational coaching and technical assistance, live and on-demand trainings, and statewide recognition for achieving the highest standard of excellence.

Working Well is pleased to announce some exciting enhancements to Strategy for Wellbeing. After a thorough content review to ensure continued alignment with the latest science, the following enhancements to Strategy for Wellbeing are now live and available for users.

New Dimension

  • A tenth dimension on Workplace Health & Safety has been added in response to emerging evidence supporting a focus on this topic. This issue seems especially timely with the recent COVID-19 crisis.

Dimension Name Changes

  • Wellness Culture has been renamed “Wellness Culture & Environment” to reflect the addition of questions that address the built environment.
  • Incentives & Communication has been renamed “Engagement Strategies” to reflect more focus on employee engagement and less focus on financial incentives.

Dimension Enhancements

  • Several questions have been added to Emotional & Mental Wellbeing and Financial Wellbeing to place a stronger emphasis on these areas.
  • Several questions in Wellness Culture & Environment and Evaluation were revised to provide more guidance and clarification and to better align with the latest research and best practices.

New Look and Feel

  • With the SC Hospital Association’s and Working Well’s recent rebrand, you will notice new logos and colors.

If your hospital is already engaged in Working Well, log in to your Strategy for Wellbeing account to reassess and receive an updated Scorecard and Improvement Opportunities report! To access your previous scorecards, click on the “Archived Scorecards” tab on the left side of the screen. See below for clarification on what this means for organizations who have reached platinum status in one or more dimensions.

Platinum Recognition

  • For organizations that have achieved Platinum in any of the previous nine dimensions, your Platinum status will remain current until your reconfirmation date (one year from achieving Platinum).
  • For organizations that have achieved Platinum in all of the previous nine dimensions, you will be given until March 2021 to reassess and score Platinum in all ten dimensions to maintain your Overall Platinum status.

If your hospital is not currently engaged in Working Well and you have questions or would like more information, please contact Emily O’Sullivan at or 803-454-6969.