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February 3, 2021

The Next Generation of the Zero Harm Awards

Thanks to the quality and patient safety improvements our hospitals continue to make year in and year out, SCHA was able to recognize a record-breaking 59 SC hospitals who collectively won 239 Certified Zero Harm Awards last year. Your extraordinary achievement also means that, since launching the Certified Zero harm Awards in 2013, SCHA has now given out more than 1,000 awards in its first seven years.

Given that success, SCHA is excited to share some changes and updates to the program that will go into effect this year, including the new Zero Harm System Excellence Award.

For Our Certified Zero Harm Awards:

  • New Timeframe – Starting this year, clinical award categories will only be validated by DHEC for no infections for 12 months between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.
  • Minimum Procedure Threshold – To apply for a clinical award in any category for 2021, a procedure threshold must be met in NHSN, either one procedure per month or a minimum of ten per year.
  • New Clinical Award Category – 50% or greater reduction in hospital-acquired pressure injuries from the previous year to the most recent claims year available OR no hospital-acquired pressure injuries within the most recent claims year available.
  • New Clinical Award Category – The Drive to Zero Suicide. In partnership with the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, we will recognize facilities that are embracing Zero Harm through the adoption of specific Zero Suicide strategies.  During the application process, facilities will be prompted to indicate adopted trainings and strategies that include specific training, policy enhancements, safety planning, screening, and formal coordination with your local community mental health center.

The New Zero Harm System Excellence Award

As SCHA’s Zero Harm program continues to expand and evolve, we strive to capture the high reliability efforts that South Carolina hospitals are making every day in order to eliminate harm from their facilities.

In previous years, only facilities demonstrating zero harm for the maximum time frame in each clinical category were eligible for a crystal award.  Beginning this year, SCHA will recognize health systems with this elite crystal award that adopt a systems-level approach to excellence and zero harm based on a points system that awards your active efforts to advance high reliability. Additional details are available here.