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March 31, 2021

SCHA Healthcare Heroes Truck Returns for Hope Tour 2021

Last year, SCHA’s Healthcare Heroes truck visited every acute-care hospital in South Carolina to thank them for their extraordinary efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now it’s one year later, and the Healthcare Heroes truck is charting a return to each hospital to thank them once again, with a brighter message. While 2020 was a year of fear that required our member hospital’s bravery and fortitude, we want to honor what they are providing us in 2021 as well: hope.

Our healthcare heroes now find themselves leading the vaccination charge to finally defeat this terrible disease while also still providing the highest quality of care to all of our state’s citizens.

“Frontline healthcare workers in South Carolina’s hospitals remain the true heroes of COVID-19,” said SCHA President and CEO Thornton Kirby. “We want to make sure that doctors, nurses, and all the state’s hospital employees are celebrated for their bravery, and for providing the first rays of light in their unprecedented leadership in the vaccine rollout across our state.”

The SCHA 2021 Hope Tour will travel across South Carolina on May 3 – 14 to coincide with National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week as we again proudly thank our nurses, doctors, and other frontline workers for their tremendous leadership over the past year and the hope they give us all for what’s to come.