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September 16, 2020

SCHA Announces Targeted Health Priorities

Even as COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the most pressing acute health concern for South Carolinians, there’s no denying that our state continues to face many other serious health challenges. Some, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, put our citizens at higher risk for COVID-19. Others, such as suicide and drug abuse, appear to be increasing because of anxiety, isolation, and economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

As a leading voice for healthcare in South Carolina, the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) will undertake a coordinated, focused campaign to tackle the following eight health priorities during the coming years:

  • Low birthweight
  • Infant mortality
  • Delayed medical care
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Drug abuse and overdose
  • Suicide
  • Obesity and prediabetes
  • Stroke

Our goal is twofold: Improve overall population health outcome measures and reduce racial disparities that exist in each of the eight areas. And we know, to truly make a difference, we will need all healthcare providers and partners to work together. SCHA will engage its entire enterprise, including Solvent Networks and the SCHA Foundation to focus on this effort as we reach out to the hospital community and many health partners across the state to join us.

For more information, you can see our goals and strategies here. If your hospital, facility, or other organization would like to be a part of this effort, please contact Mandi McMillan at

It will take all of us working together to impact these chronic challenges. Please join us in building a better state of health for South Carolina.