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June 21, 2023

SCHA and SC ETV Partner Up to Engage South Carolinians on Healthcare Career Possibilities

SCHA and South Carolina ETV and Public Radio are pleased to announce a momentous partnership aimed at expanding healthcare career communication and education in our state. A signing ceremony to commemorate this landmark collaboration took place on June 20 at SCETV in Columbia.

This partnership establishes a strategic framework for the cooperation between SCHA and SCETV to support the creation of multi-platform content and instructional resources that highlight careers in healthcare. Both organizations are committed to bridging the gap between healthcare providers, patients and the wider community by leveraging their expertise and resources to foster a more informed and engaged population.

The partnership will include the development of the following:

  • Cohesive and compelling immersive learning experiences hosted on,
  • Message-driven pop-up banners to engage students and other potential job seekers,
  • Standard-aligned learning media that will include digital content, lesson plans, and other educational materials, and
  • A one-hour panel discussion to broadcast on SCETV’s statewide network.

“We are proud to collaborate with SCETV on this transformative project to enhance healthcare workforce development and educational opportunities for the people of South Carolina,” said SCHA President and CEO Thornton Kirby. “By showcasing the diverse range of healthcare careers, we aim to inspire individuals to pursue rewarding professions in healthcare and build a robust and skilled workforce that can meet our evolving needs on South Carolina’s journey to a better state of health.”

This initiative is a part of SCHA’s larger “H is for Hiring” campaign to meet South Carolina’s need for a stable, high-quality hospital and healthcare workforce and dovetails with our “Be Something Amazing” initiative that provides resource for accurate, updated information about a variety of occupations in healthcare.

The June 20 signing ceremony represents a significant milestone in the partnership between SCETV and SCHA, reflecting their shared commitment to enhancing healthcare communication and education across South Carolina. By collaborating on the creation of engaging content and instructional resources, the organizations aim to inspire individuals to pursue careers in healthcare while fostering a better-informed community.

About the South Carolina Hospital Association

The South Carolina Hospital Association is committed to making South Carolina one of the nation’s healthiest states by helping our hospitals and health systems provide the best care possible. We advocate for sound healthcare policies and legislation, facilitate collaboration to tackle problems that none of us could solve alone, find and share innovations and best practices, and provide data, education and business solutions to help our members better serve their patients and communities.

SCHA is a private, not-for-profit organization founded in 1921 to serve as the collective voice of the state’s hospital community. Today, it comprises approximately 100 member hospitals and health systems and 900 personal members.

About South Carolina ETV and Public Radio

South Carolina ETV and Public Radio (SCETV) is the state’s public educational broadcasting network. SCETV amplifies South Carolina voices, provides educational experiences and strengthens communities, while working toward creating a stronger, more connected and informed South Carolina. In addition to airing local programs, such as Carolina Classrooms, Making It Grow, and This Week in South Carolina, SCETV also presents multiple programs to regional and national audiences, including By The River, After Action, Reconnecting Roots, Reel South, Somewhere South, Yoga in Practice and How She Rolls. In addition, SC Public Radio produces the national radio production, Chamber Music from Spoleto Festival USA.

Media Contact:

Kyle Petersen