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December 16, 2019

SC Healthcare Human Resources Association Wins Three Star Chapter Management Award from National Association

The South Carolina Healthcare Human Resources Association (SCHRRA), a personal membership group of SCHA that supports the development of a knowledgeable and connected network of human resources professionals by providing innovative resources, tools and strategies, was named a three-star chapter for 2019 by the national American Society for Health Care Human Resources Management (ASHHRA).

SCHRRA won the recognition through ASHHRA’s Chapter Management Awards program, which looks at the quality of programming, projects, efforts and results, as well as documentation of those activities. Emphasis in all categories is given to such items as seminars, workshops, membership growth, participation and involvement at the local, regional and national levels, as well as to sound chapter management. The statewide association is one of only eight to achieve a three star or better award this year.

For more information on ASHHRA’s Chapter Management Awards program, click here.

Members of SCHRRA Celebrating 2019 Award