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December 4, 2019

Prisma Health and Clemson Join Forces for Innovation Efforts

Prisma Health has teamed up with Clemson University on a host of innovative medical initiatives to improve the quality of healthcare in South Carolina.

Three recent Clemson-Prisma Health collaborations are receiving support from the Innovation Maturation Fund, a joint effort between the Health Sciences Center (HSC) at Prisma Health and the Clemson University Division of Research. The program provides healthcare-focused grants designed to advance the development and commercialization of innovative medical initiatives and translational science, to improve the health care industry and to promote economic growth in the region.

The recently-funded collaborations include an effort to aid in breast tissue regeneration, the development of a mobile sensor system that can monitor the surrounding environment for respiratory health patients and continued work on ammonia breath-test sensors for patients with chronic kidney disease.

“Prisma Health is excited to partner with Clemson University to engage companies and researchers in developing the next innovative breakthroughs in healthcare,” said Cody Reynolds, technology transfer manager in the Office of Innovation at Prisma Health-Upstate. “The Innovation Maturation Fund provides early-stage technical solutions to clinical opportunities and access to clinical learning environments that will equip researchers with the tools necessary to successfully obtain public and private funding.”

For more information on these partnerships, click here.