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July 24, 2019

MUSC Embraces Hospital Safe Zones Campaign

MUSC Health has rolled out a host of new workplace violence initiatives, including an adaptation of our Hospital Safe Zones campaign that is freely available to all hospitals and health systems. Posters featuring MUSC Health CEO Dr. Patrick Cawley, nurse manager Kim Curnell-Pean and April Roscoe, manager of the safe patient handling and mobility program, will be placed throughout the hospital.

The campaign was conceived as a way to raise awareness among healthcare workers that violence is not an inevitable “part of the job” in order to increase reporting of incidents, ensure adequate policy and administrative responses and foster a culture of safety and accountability across the workplace.

MUSC’s initiatives, which date back to 2018, also include workplace violence training program that features student actors and employees reenacting past incidents and discussing best practice responses. For more information about their efforts, click here.