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May 28, 2019

Cutting-edge Recruiting

Colleton Medical Center, like hospitals and health systems across the state, know that the challenge of ensuring a healthy workforce requires active and innovative strategies for recruiting the next generation of healthcare workers. That’s why CMC works to make things real, and cutting-edge, for students in their community so they can see all of the possibilities and potential awaiting a career in healthcare.

Recently, CMC launched such an effort by giving area high school students an opportunity to learn about robotic surgery via some simulation experiments with the new Da Vinci robot, a surgical system that requires a dedicated team of specialized nurses and technicians to operate in concert with the surgeon.

“We’re training more surgeons, and more specialties are going to be offered,” said CEO at Colleton Medical Center, Jimmy Hiott. “Robots can get in where a person’s hands cannot.”

Students with interests in medicine, engineering, biology and robotics were invited to a special demonstration of the robot, which surgeons at the hospital have used to perform over 60 robotics procedures since the launch of the new program in October. The technology allows surgeons to use controllers to operate the robot’s mechanical arms in the surgical field, which improves their precision and flexibility.

Now, students in Colleton County have seen that future and, hopefully, also seen themselves in it, robots and all.