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January 17, 2024

Better State of Health, By the Numbers

As part of its data center service in recent years, SCHA has committed to providing every acute care hospital with a data report that focused on key quality of careworkforce and population health metrics. This reporprovides valuable benchmarking for hospitals and health systems to see how they fared against their peers both statewide and nationally from a facility and payer community perspective.

Now, SCHA’s Data Center is proud to be presenting a new Tableau version of our ”By the Numbers” report.

This new report consists of:  

  • HOSPITAL MEASURES: Viewers can explore and compare all measures to other SC hospitals as well as state and national benchmarks. This publicly available data includes some of the most current provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Hospitals are deidentified and individual hospitals’ contacts have been provided a private Hospital ID. 
  • COUNTY MEASURES: This allows viewers to compare county measures against state and national benchmarks. These data are compiled from multiple sources and is measured against data provided by by County Health Rankings. Learn more at 
  • SUMMARY OF ALL MEASURES: This is a printable summary of the most recent county and deidentified hospital data, measure sources, and definitions. 
  • SCHA LIVE HEALTHY DASHBOARDS: The highlighted measures in these dashboards are SCHA board-selected measures and/or related supporting measures. SCHA has developed strategies to improve these population health measures for South Carolina. For more information visit 

For more information on By The Numbers, contact Beth Morgan at