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Advance Care Planning

The South Carolina Hospital Association believes in the importance of having meaningful end-of-life conversations, both with family members and healthcare professionals, in order to improve clinical care, quality of life and our healthcare system as a whole. That’s why we’ve committed to advocating for policy changes and encouraging our members to think systematically, in high reliability terms, about advance care planning (ACP).

We’ve been a key partner in the Coalition for the Care of the  Seriously Ill, a group that brings key organizations, clinicians, and healthcare entities together to collaboratively redesign care, improve quality of life, and protect the ethical rights of the seriously, chronically, or terminally ill in South Carolina. The coalition is committed to improving the shared decision-making for this population by implementing strategies that help patients understand the typical trajectory of their condition and take an active role in their treatment, including decisions about their care.

For more information on the Coalitions efforts or to access valuable resources for your own ACP initiatives, go to the My Life My Choices website.