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Telehealth Increases Access to Specialty Consults

Many specialty practices are often quite far away from where patients live, particularly if they are in a rural area, something which puts additional travel and time barriers to accessing care.

The Goal:
AnMed Health in Anderson, SC and Greenwood Genetics Center in Greenville, SC wanted to avoid sending high-risk pregnant patients who needed a genetics consult from one facility to another.

Method & Implementation:
The two facilities decided to use a simple webcam service, Skype, and create new materials that allowed them to provide proper education to patients. All they required were 2 laptops, one at either location, that could provide this service along with physicians comfortable using them.

Challenges & Barriers:
Making patients and physicians comfortable with using webcams to discuss sensitive topics
Adequate educational materials that translated via telehealth

The Genetics Center now sees 5-10 patients a week via webcam, and patient satisfaction is high.

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