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Personalizing Worker Wellness Plans

The Goal:
Palmetto Health decided that the best way to develop more customized wellness programs would be to focus their efforts on employees within a single department, where the environment and job activities would be relatively uniform and lead to shared wellness challenges.

Method & Implementation:
To create these customized programs, employees from the individual programs submitted applications for their department to join. This required each department to undergo a diagnostic assessment that looked at the health demographics of the employee group as well as their specific needs and preferences with consideration for physical, emotional, social, occupational, and environmental factors.

Based on the assessment, Palmetto Health designed specific initiatives tailored to each department’s specific priorities, challenges, and routines that could be used alone or in combination with the existing wellness programs offered to all employees.

Palmetto Health plans to check in with each department regularly to determine the efficacy of each initiative and to measure the impact of the new program by survey.

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