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Hospital Safe Zones

Workplace violence is a major safety issue in hospitals and health systems across South Carolina. Studies show that healthcare workers are significantly more likely to be the victims of violence and abuse than workers in other industries, and SCHA is committed to making hospitals a safer place to work, visit and receive care.

In an effort to educate healthcare providers and the public on the impact of healthcare workplace violence, we have established a “Hospital Safe Zones” campaign. As we look to other industries to achieve high reliability in our clinical practices, we can also learn from industries that have reduced harm by developing a culture of safety. From “work zones” to “school zones,” we know that these efforts can succeed in bringing increased attention to one’s surroundings to enhance behavioral awareness. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are institutions of wellness that are held to a higher standard of health and safety for employees, patients, and visitors. Caregivers make a vow to do no harm, and we should make that same vow to them.

Help us make Hospital Safe Zones in South Carolina. Learn more at our campaign website.