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Recruiting Available Staffing

The state of South Carolina is in the midst of a significant public health event and needs additional health professionals to support the response to COVID-19. The South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) is working with member hospitals and state partners to recruit all willing health professionals for temporary assignments to support the state and hospitals during this surge.

The state is in greatest need of nurses with ICU, critical care, and med-surg experience, also respiratory therapists and nursing support staff like CNAs and PCTs. Hospitals are offering flexible work assignments on COVID and non-COVID units, flexible shifts, and flexible schedules. Full-time employment is not a requirement. Hospitals are also providing appropriate refresher courses or just in time training for team members. All available health professionals are needed to help care for patients in our communities.

For a listing of all SC hospitals, visit the hospital directory.

To help support the state, its hospitals, and patients, available licensed professionals should complete the Help Now inventory. This list of available professionals will be shared with hospitals across the state.

For more information, contact Lara Hewitt.