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Bed Availability Reporting Tool (BART) Reminders & Definitions


Available Beds – An unduplicated count of all beds in your hospital categorized by most useful bed type. If it’s primarily an ICU bed that happens to have negative pressure, list it as an ICU bed. This count should include all usable beds, even those that currently contain patients.
Staffed Beds – The number of beds you have the capability to staff as an organization simultaneously. This is not based on the day’s census, but what you can be expected to handle in an emergency.  This should also be done by category.
Census – An unduplicated count of your patient census by most useful bed type; this should be a sum of your current patient census.

Note: If your facility sets the Available and Staffed bed information as described above, all that needs to change on any given day is your patient census in each of those categories.


1. If you have COVID-confirmed positive patients in your census, put a count in Census on the COVID 19 line and reduce your census accordingly by the bed types those patients are occupying.
2. Critical care beds and ICU (non-pediatric) beds are the same bed types. Choose one bed type category or the other. Do not duplicate.