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Carolinas Governance Series: Understanding the Healthcare Workforce Session I

“The Global Perspective of the Healthcare Workforce Nationally and in the Carolinas” 


Rob Brinkerhoff, Gallagher Erin Fraher, Sheps Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel HillKatie Gaul, The SC Office of Healthcare Workforce, SC AHEC 

The first of three virtual sessions as part of the Carolinas Governance Series, an SCHA/NCHA certification pathway for hospital trustees, “The Global Perspective of the Healthcare Workforce Nationally and in the Carolinas” will take an extensive look at the post-pandemic workforce environment.

The healthcare worker has experienced challenges and shortages before, but today’s situation is without historical precedent. Work has changed, expectations of work have changed, expectations of employees have changed, the labor market has changed. Employers in all industries, but especially healthcare, need to understand the current market, trends, supply and how to access demand for future talent. In this session, we’ll dive into the trends, supply of health professionals in each state, and prelude to strategic workforce planning to follow in session two.

About the Carolinas Governance Series: The Foundations certification pathway will consist of three virtual sessions. The certification will focus on understanding the healthcare workforce, a top priority for health systems across the country. The first two virtual sessions will focus on what’s happened with the healthcare workforce post-pandemic and the board’s fiduciary duty to help guide strategic workforce planning. The third virtual session will focus on the trustee’s role in advancing policy to positively affect or influence the healthcare workforce.  For those who want to further expand their knowledgebase, and toolbox, NCHA and SCHA have created a one day in-person Capstone Summit which will dive deeper into all topics covered in the virtual sessions and will include interactive, small group, and table discussions. The in-person session is meant as a capstone and participants who complete both the Foundations Certificate and attend the in-person session will be awarded the 2022-23 Advanced Trustee Education Certificate.  All virtual sessions will be held on Thursdays from 11am-12:15pm and will be more than just PowerPoint presentations.  The virtual sessions will be interactive allowing for comments, questions, and scenario discussions. All sessions will also be available on-demand following the live session.   The in-person Capstone Summit will be May 19, 2023, from 9:30am-3pm at a convenient location accessible to both states.

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Thursday Sep 29




Morgan Bowne

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