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2021 Virtual Leadership Series (Session IV)

This is a 5-part series of educational webinars, developed with and for hospital and health system leaders and clinicians. The series will include 5 areas that leaders and clinicians should be looking at in 2021 as healthcare moves past the first year of COVID-19. Topics will include telemedicine and hospital at home; diversity and inclusion; supply chain and materials management; and working as teams and culture.

Session IV is titled “A Path Forward: Thriving in Rural Health Care after COVID-19” and will focus on tying community engagement to diversity and health equity. Benjamin Anderson, Vice President for Rural Health and Hospitals at the Colorado Hospital Association, will explore true stories of the amazing resiliency of rural communities amidst the formidable challenges of a pandemic. He will also share the lessons learned through many interviews with rural health leaders and patients through the successful development of a post-COVID-19 nationally-released toolkit and playbook called “Re-Imagining Leadership: A Pathway for Rural Health to Thrive in a COVID-19 World” that was created in partnership with the Farley Health Policy Center. Learn more about this session and the entire Leadership series here.

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Thursday Aug 19



Morgan Bowne

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