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2021 Virtual Leadership Series (Session II)

This is a 5-part series of educational webinars, developed with and for hospital and health system leaders and clinicians. The series will include 5 areas that leaders and clinicians should be looking at in 2021 as healthcare moves past the first year of COVID-19. Topics will include telemedicine and hospital at home; diversity and inclusion; supply chain and materials management; and working as teams and culture.

Session II is titled “Supply Chain Excellence in the Post-Pandemic World” and will focus on how supply chain excellence can co-exist with (and support) the clinical excellence and patient experience goals that all hospitals strive for. In this talk, supply chain expert Mark Graban will share lessons and best practices from his experience with a world-class supply chain in the computer industry and also from leading health systems. He will explore proven ideas and methods that can help us all better prepare for the next pandemic (or the next unexpected or surprising event) that we’ll face. Learn more about this session and the entire Leadership series here.

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Thursday Jun 17



Morgan Bowne

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