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Information Systems Specialist 

JOB TITLE:               Specialist, Information Systems

SUPERVISOR:         Executive Director, Human Resources and Operations


  • Three to five years of critical information technology systems thinking
  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office products with ability to assist others through training and support in effective use of the software
  • Knowledge of SAS (or other statistical analysis tool) and customer relationship management systems (iMIS is used by SCHA)
  • Strong background in compiling, manipulating, and analyzing data; creating reports; and displaying information
  • Ability to create surveys and forms via Formsite, Survey Monkey, Microsoft Forms, and/or other creation tools
  • Excellent written, verbal, and organizational skills


This position understands the information systems and related software/tools utilized by SCHA, ensures their effective use, and ensures data integrity.


  • Maintains SCHA’s customer relationship management tool (iMIS) and other databases, gathering and completing routine updates and ensuring data integrity
  • Serves as primary ‘help desk’ to resolve internal and external user issues with iMIS, troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Understands and makes back-end adjustments to iMIS in coordination with the vendor(s) as needed
  • Trains staff and other users (individually and collectively) on use of iMIS and other SCHA systems
  • Assists in meeting registration and payment processes
  • Develops surveys and forms for use by others
  • Creates and shares easy-to-understand reports from iMIS and surveys
  • Leads system updates and relevant changes or integrations
  • Provides insight on process and system improvements, development, and connectivity
  • Other duties as assigned

To Apply:

Submit your resume and a cover letter to Michelle Edenfield at